Appa's girl

I know this is hard for you harder than what I can imagine but you hv to be strong as usual
Since I was a kid u were my hero and you'll always be
Appa you gave all wt you could so there is no regrets,, rit
Appa dont be weak
Appa why it's so hard!!! Why does it hurt !!!
Why I can't stop my tears!!! Why do they keep flowing?!
Abaio ,, chumal abaio ,,
Appa you hv to be stronger than ever,,
I know this is all you got this the only thing you can think of
You gave all your life for that
Appa it's the time to take a deep breath and move on
Move on your own path
Appa's daughter will be by your side
And always proud of her daddy
Appa fighting
Appa sarangheyo

Appa's daughter :,)
Thx for being my dad

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My tweets

Now or never ;'( and I choose never because I know u better ;') bye bye ;'(

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Late Wellcoming 2011 Post
it has been a while ^^
well twitter is taking all my time post and playing around with my friends thr
um really thankful for the person who created that site ^^
changed my lj style ^^
seriously i need more than 24 hrs a day >.>
wanna watch lots of thing and look for many thing in the web
in need to go shopping renewing my passport, make a national ID ...etc

my goal for 2010 is 50% accomplished ^^
2011 let's have a good year don't be mean like 2010 :(

off too super junior world ^^
watching ss3 japan fancams <3

(no subject)
Cute Nino
since when i last updated my jornal O_O
i has been months

finally i graduated as i dreamed
i miss my friends and my university life so bad
and nowadays um looking for a job ~~

lately i the dizziness id killing me T_T
it ganna be a month since my dizziness started
i didnt ever thought that moving few steps ganna be that tiring O_O
i cant do anything these days other than sleeping and using the internet :)

thses days i become addicted to Korean POP
i really loved F(x) espically AMBER ~
2PM ~
C.N.Blue ~
F.T.Island ~
love them all <3
wanna go to Japan and Korea ~

back to Kinki Kids & ARASHI clips ^^

the worst day
today my exam was very bad
um not sure if i can pass thz course and graduate
today i heard about one of my childhood friends had a handicap
i was shocked
i wish she can recover m(_ _)m
we shared lots of memories together
we played a lot together
i cant believe this fact

i hope she can walk again one day

um praying GOD for you

(no subject)
today's morning ganna be my legal translation exam O_O
i didnt start studying yet O_O
um only running away from the texts ^^;
um just trying to make excuses to not to study ^^;
well, well i have to make an effort to pass this course

hai, hai um ganna study =_=


today i came cross this saying:
(originally written in Arabic i'll translate it)

The best friend is who you can be with...
if you were swing together silently...
then you two partied...
as if you both had the most exciting discussion and the most wonderful talk...

i like it
and this is true, nee jody ^_^
just being with my friends is extremely enjoyable
i'm not that talkative person but with them being around me is such a pleasant feeling
thx my friends for being in my life

OFF i sleep now

LULY ^_^

today is the first day of 2010
so happy new year
hopefully it would be a better year
this year is a remarkable year for me
today i sent the final draft to my prof. for the final approval
so it ganna be printed by the middle of next week
in this um ganna graduate from university
where it will be a new start in my life
well lot of challenges are waiting for me this year
i hope it will be a year full of happiness and joy
and i hope my health to get better (as well as my concentration level cz it keeps decreasing O_O)
today i watched johnny's countdown 2009-2010
i was one of the best countdowns
i love johnny's <3
a new year of supporting johnny's has just started

PS: JODY YOU have to graduate this year as well :@

LULY ^_^

(no subject)
Today my childhood freinds will gather i didnt see some of them after our joiner high school days weh it has been 8 years
I wanna go
I hv a petroleum translation exam tomorrow
Cant go
If u all graduated u hv 2 know thr r ppl still studying and hv exams
Baka baka
Why dont u make on a weekend
Hv fun my dear friends
We had a great days together
Since elemantry school till now i didnt 4get u all
Always thinking abt all of u
But to gather again after all those days is such a dream
Surely i'll meet u after um done with my exams it's my last term i hv to give it my best
Lv ya all

LULY ^_^

Miss ya
It has been 5 years since last time i heard abt u.
Really i miss ya, i cant find a way to reach ya as if u vanished 4m thz life
Hadeel do u know why um thinking abt u more than the others? I dnt know myself but i know that u r the 1 and the only 1 um longing for

I want 2 blieve in wt i used to say
"If we lived suley we'll meet someday"
But thz seems like a childish words or a painkiller i used to use whenever i long to someone

Hadeel i`ll b happy if i just heard abt u

LULY ^_^

(no subject)
2morrw morning is my 3rd MRI for the first time i'm scared i dnt know why
even though the expectations for the result is good still um scared

i dnt wanna do it T_T

i feel lost dnt know wt to do
um really lost
um confused
wanna shout... wanna cry... wanna escape...
but always there z the same place the same ppl the same life
wanna escape....
i wanna vanish...
i cant stand thz life..
how much i try to live forgetting the stress around me
again i find my self pulled to face it
pulled to live it
live the reality

and my hell project i cant get it done the last 7 pages of it like they are 70
exams starts this Tuesday and i dnt have the text translations
i hate literature from the bottom of my heart

today i watched loveless PV
and of course yamapi made my day with his loveless PV i like it
watching it again and again non stop he was super sexy
especially in white <3

it has been a while since i wrote sth
i feel better after writing this :)


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